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Jerusalem Debuts Spectacular Laser Light and Sound Show

by Mackenzie Landi
Jerusalem debuts spectacular laser light and sound show

Jerusalem’s new laser show incorporates music and imagery to reflect the city’s unique history.

The city of Jerusalem debuted its new laser light show on March 18, blending sound and color in a celebration of its rich history. The initiative, spearheaded by the Ministry of Tourism and the Ministry of Jerusalem and Heritage, aims to provide an immersive experience highlighting the city’s heritage and aspirations for peace.

The show takes place along the Tower of David promenade, offering spectators a panoramic view of Jerusalem’s iconic landmarks. Through music and visuals, the show tells the story of Jerusalem’s cultural tapestry and the shared values that unite its communities.

Minister of Tourism Haim Katz underscored the importance of enhancing the tourism experience in Jerusalem, citing significant investments made to improve infrastructure and attractions.

“Jerusalem is a central tourist hub, and in recent years we have invested over 400 million shekels to improve the tourist experience in the city. The light show project and the overall development planned in the Tower of David area and the promenade complex will bring significant movement to the area,” he said.

“The unique story of Israel’s capital will be presented to visitors, connecting culture, history, and technology. I invite the general public to come, enhance tourism in Jerusalem, and enjoy a spectacular show,” Katz added.

Jerusalem debuts spectacular laser light and sound show
The light show illuminating the Jerusalem skyline with several upside-down laser triangles. Photo by Dor Pazuelo.

Mayor Moshe Leon praised the new tourism initiative as part of ongoing efforts to revitalize tourism in the city.

“The new tourism project we are launching in Jerusalem is another part of the intensive work we are investing in Jerusalem to reabsorb tourists,” he said. “I believe that this spectacular initiative will become one of the leading tourist attractions in the capital and invite all Israelis to come and enjoy Jerusalem.”

Jerusalem debuts spectacular laser light and sound show
A young girl looks out over the Jerusalem laser light show from the safety of a parapet. Image by Dor Pazuelo.

The program features original music compositions that narrate Jerusalem’s story, incorporating diverse cultural elements and historical themes. Segments like “Jerusalem Prayer” and “Jerusalem of Peace” aim to reflect the city’s spiritual significance and aspirations for harmony.

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