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19 Israeli Teens Making Headlines

by Touchpoint Israel

In Israel, greatness often begins at a young age. It is not unusual for teenagers to excel in science, technology, music, art, sports, and other fields where their impressive accomplishments earn them a place in the history books. Here are 19 young Israelis who are making headlines at home and abroad:

1. Linoy Ashram – 15 – A national and international champion of rhythmic gymnastics, she has earned a place on the Israeli team for the Youth Olympics Games.

2. Or Assulin – 17 – A young entrepreneur, she studies brain science as part of a program for Israel’s elite high school students.

3. Motti Fang Bentov – 17 – This talented concert pianist has been performing internationally and winning prizes since he was 10 years old.

4. Avital Boruchovsky – 17 – He became the 2014 European Chess Champion in the under 18 category and in January was made Israel’s youngest Grand Master.

5. Linoy Dalmidi – 13 – This multitalented girl is both an opera singer and scientist, writing a monthly column for the magazine Young Galileo.

6. Tzuf Feldon – 16 – Israel’s leading junior gymnast, she has won multiple championships and is likely a future Olympian.

7. Maya Fishman – 16 – Already a first year medical student as well as Bible scholar champion, she will become Israel’s youngest doctor when she graduates at age 22.

8. Yulia Gordichuk – 16 – This young swimmer with a prosthetic leg was named “Most Promising Young Athlete” in 2014 and will compete as part of Israel’s Paralypmic Squad.

9. Nadav Guedj – 16 – He won Israel’s version of American Idol with his talented voice and will represent Israel in the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest in May.

10. Marc Hinnawi – 17 – This swimmer set a record in the 2013 Youth Olympic Games and is expected to compete in the 2016 Olympics.

11. Ariel Lanyi – 17 – Since learning to play piano at age two, he has toured Europe and now studies multiple musical disciplines at the Jerusalem Academy of Music.

12. Neta Mark – 18 – An unusual look has snagged this girl modeling contracts in Tel Aviv and Paris, with a bright career ahead of her.

13. Tal Mordoch – 16 – His unique skills earned him the distinction of winning Israel’s first yo-yo championship in 2014 and he is now training for the World Championships in August.

14. Yshai Oliel – 14 – This rising tennis star is making a name for himself internationally and is expected to become Israel’s next big tennis champ.

15. Ido Shkuri – 17 – This talented athlete turned a tragedy into success when he transitioned from being a soccer and tennis player into a national wheelchair basketball star.

16. Avraham Terifa – 16 – This young violinist made history in 2013 as the first Ethiopian-Israeli to join the Young Israel Philharmonic Orchestra.

17. Nicole Trosman – 18 – This table-tennis prodigy began playing at age six and is expected to compete in the 2016 Olympics.

18. Eyal Walach – 12 – A gifted mathematician, he stunned everyone by acing the high school matriculation exam in fourth grade and will complete his bachelors degree in mathematics and physics by age 15.

19. Raz Zuaretz – 17 – This civic minded young man has devoted himself to volunteer work since the age of 12 and won the Presidential Medal for Volunteerism last year.

If you want to learn more about these incredible young Israelis, click here.


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