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RedeemTV Announces New Documentary — The Shroud Face to Face

by Mackenzie Landi

WORCESTER, PA – Vision Video’s streaming platform, RedeemTV, is set to unveil the highly anticipated documentary, The Shroud Face to Face, on March 28, 2024.

The Shroud Face to Face, produced by The Nexus Institute & The Shroud LLC, is a captivating documentary that unravels the enigma of the Shroud of Turin. With cutting-edge technology and expert insights, the film provides a face-to-face encounter with this iconic relic, inviting audiences to delve into its history, authenticity, and the profound questions it raises.

This visually stunning film, based on the book, The Shroud Face to Face, by acclaimed author and filmmaker Robert Orlando, offers an immersive exploration of the centuries-old mystery surrounding the Shroud of Turin and has been endorsed with high praise.

This is a compelling and convincing account of the single most fascinating relic in the Christian world. This is for anyone seeking to understand the significance and history of the Shroud of Turin.” – Bishop Robert Barron, founder of Word on Fire


RedeemTV is a FREE, donor supported, Christian streaming platform with over 250,000 subscribers.  Streaming more than 5,000 videos, it provides family friendly content while continuing to spread the message of Jesus.

Vision Video is a leading DVD and film distributor, committed to bringing impactful and compelling stories to audiences worldwide. With a focus on cinematic excellence, Vision Video partners with filmmakers to showcase thought-provoking narratives that inspire and captivate.

The Nexus Media focuses on TV, motion pictures, books, and screenplays, along with award-winning documentaries and shorts. Our team has years of experience in media storytelling and developing well-crafted engaging content. We invite you to view some of our past projects The Divine Plan & Silence Patton and participate in our new initiatives.

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