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A 3,300 Year-Old Ship Was Discovered Off Israeli Coast

by Mackenzie Landi
A 3,300-year-Old Ship was Discovered Off Israeli Coast

Researchers say location of wreck, carrying hundreds of intact storage vessels, proves Late Bronze Age mariners could journey far out to sea

In a groundbreaking archaeological discovery, the Israel Antiquities Authority announced that a natural gas company’s standard survey of the Eastern Mediterranean floor had uncovered the most ancient ship ever found in the deep seas.

The discovery of the remains of the ship from the 14th-13th century BCE proves that Late Bronze Age mariners could navigate the seas without a line of sight to the shore, contrary to what was previously believed, the IAA said.

The approximately 3,300 year-old ship with a cargo of hundreds of intact amphorae was found 90 kilometers off northern Israel’s coast, at a depth of 1.8 km.

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