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The Bedouin Experience | Escape Modern-Day Monotony and Live Like a Bedouin!

by Mackenzie Landi

For the adventurer looking to experience the life of a Middle Eastern group of people who have not changed all that much over the centuries, then booking a Bedouin experience is just the ticket.

Known for their unparalleled hospitality, the proud and dignified Bedouin come from an ancient line of nomadic tribe people whose culture continues to thrive in harsh desert conditions despite having to adapt to the modern trappings of their surrounding environment.

Some Israeli scholars even maintain it was the Bedouin who hosted Moses when he fled Egypt. Whether that is fact or fiction, people have always been intrigued by the Bedouins. For those visitors to the Holy Land wanting to understand these mostly Arab-speaking tribe people outside of their depiction in film and literature, then the Bedouin experience presents an ideal opportunity. Here, visitors can learn all about the Bedouins—including their customs, savory cuisine, and, of course, camel riding.

Suggested Attractions:

1. Kfar HaNokdim is a more comfortable Bedouin-inspired experience located in the heart of the Judean desert on a breathtaking desert mountain overlook. Situated between the ancient citadel of Masada and Arad’s southern tourist oasis, the site caters to modern sensibilities, offering private cabins, hot showers, cold-filtered drinking water, and more. Lawrence of Arabia never had it so good.

Guests will experience up close and personal demonstrations of Bedouin hospitality, including sleeping in a desert sukkah (booth) lodge, camel treks through the Kana’im Valley, desert hikes, and bonfires under the starry desert night sky. Meals are not just meals—they are feasts! And they are all served up in a khan (traditional Bedouin tent). For the full Bedouin-and-breakfast experience, overnight stays are ideal; for those wanting to forego the canopy of stars and just stick with the canopy, then a day package is an easy way to enjoy a more scaled-down version of the Bedouin experience before heading off to their next adventure.

2. Bedouin Galilee Experience provides a rare glimpse into Bedouin life in northern Israel’s Galilee region. The experience offers storytelling, a primer on Bedouin cultural symbolism, healthy Middle Eastern cuisine with a nomadic flair, and a Bedouin foodie workshop so visitors can replicate all those desert delicacies back home.

3. Genesis Land is located in the Judean desert between Jerusalem and the Dead Sea. Visitors to this Bedouin experience will be greeted by Eliezer, Abraham’s head servant, along with a train of camels, which lead modern-day nomads down the desert path to Abraham’s tent. Once there, travelers are treated to Abraham’s legendary hospitality, as well as opportunities to partake in Bedouin-related workshops such as the always-popular demonstration of fresh pita bread-making.

A Bedouin Experience will vary from region to region, but no matter which one an adventurer chooses to partake in, it is sure to be the cultural highlight of their trip to Israel.

Experience living in a tent, riding a camel, staring up at the stars, and enjoying delectable desert cuisine with the Bedouin Experience. It is a unique opportunity to immerse oneself in the culture of one of the world’s oldest nomadic people—an experience that is as romantic as it is educational and fun.

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