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Haifa: the Third Largest City in the State of Israel

by Mackenzie Landi

Haifa stands today as the third largest city in the State of Israel. Known by a copious number of other names throughout its 3,000-year history, the city’s reputation has grown tremendously in recent years as an industrialized giant and a cultural hub within the Holy Land. With a population of nearly 270,000, this bustling city is quite the experience for anyone willing to take the time to visit.

Haifa is a port city in northern Israel built in tiers extending from the Mediterranean up the north slope of Mount Carmel.

The most iconic site in Haifa is the immaculately landscaped terraces of the Bahá’í Gardens and, at their heart, the gold-domed Shrine of the Báb. At the foot of the gardens lies the German Colony, with shops, galleries, and restaurants in nineteenth-century buildings.

The coast of Haifa features a promenade leading to beautiful beaches—often filled with sun-bathers—on the edge of the Mediterranean Sea.

Haifa is one of Israel’s major seaports for both freight and passenger ships.

Haifa Cable Cars are quite distinctive. The trio of orange balls—the cable cars—can be seen going up and down the mountain from many areas in Haifa.

The Stella Maris Monastery is a Catholic Christian monastery located on the slopes of Mount Carmel in Haifa, Israel. The main church inside the Stella Maris Monastery is said to contain the Cave of Elijah, a grotto associated with the biblical prophet Elijah.

The beautiful dome of Stella Maris in Haifa is filled with colorful paintings done on motifs of major events of the Old and New Testament.

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