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Keeping People Fed: Doktor Brothers

by Mackenzie Landi
Keeping people fed: Doktor brothers

Israeli restaurant Ha’Achim (The Brothers) spearheads central hub food operation, with 2,000 volunteers packing and delivering hot meals.

Asaf Doktor and Yotam Doktor, co-owners of a Tel Aviv restaurant appropriately named Ha’Achim (The Brothers), converted their 10,000-square-foot restaurant into a central hub for collecting, preparing and distributing hot meals to soldiers and to families affected by the war.

With only 15% of the nation’s restaurants currently open, the brothers and their co-owner, Yaron Ramon, recruited volunteers via social media. They also partnered with Brothers in Arms and World Central Kitchens, a nonprofit that provides people with meals after natural disasters and other crises.

The partnership collaborates with 118 restaurants and food suppliers across Israel to deliver freshly cooked meals to soldiers, evacuees, wounded, and struggling families. To date, they have delivered 200,000 meals nationwide, worth some $3 million.

Asaf and Yotam Doktor. Photo courtesy of Ha’Achim
Asaf and Yotam Doktor. Photo courtesy of Ha’Achim

“In these challenging times, we are witnessing extraordinary resilience and compassion in our community,” said Yotam Doktor.

“We are deeply touched by the support and dedication of our volunteers and vendors. We started with just 50 volunteers, and now the initiative has grown to over 2,000. Our support is unwavering, and we will offer solace and sustenance for as long as it is needed. This is the true spirit of Israel, and we are honored to be a part of it.”

Some 17,000 meals are prepared daily and delivered by 650 volunteer drivers to hundreds of destinations.

“People from all walks of life across the country are coming together to help those in need,” said Asaf Doktor. “In a remarkable display of unity, compassion, and resilience, world-renowned chefs Raz Rahav, Jonathan Borowitz, and Barak Aharoni have joined forces to prepare high-quality meals for those in need.”

The brothers’ initiative also is deploying volunteers to the country’s agriculture sector, which is in crisis because many southern farmers cannot access their fields and hundreds of foreign farm workers fled the country. The volunteers ensure that produce keeps flowing to feed the country.

Originally posted at israel21c.org


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