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Machane Yehuda | Jerusalem’s Largest Open-Air Market

by Touchpoint Israel

Developed initially by local merchants during the Ottoman era to showcase fresh produce, the Machane Yehuda Market, or shuk, has far outstripped its humble beginnings.

Now the largest market in Jerusalem, boasting over 250 vendors, the Machane Yehuda Market sells practically everything you can think of. From fresh fruits and vegetables, regional baked goods, fresh seafood, clothing and jewelry, this place has it all—including location.

Only a 10-minute walk from the center of Jerusalem, the market is situated between Aggripas and Jaffa Streets, comprised of two main arteries running the length of the shuk and a labyrinth of connecting walkways. It is literally a feast for the senses!

The market underwent extensive renovations in recent years, including road repaving, a new roof, and ventilation. The addition of boutique restaurants, cafes, and bars expanded its appeal as a nighttime venue.

Many stalls and storefronts are still owned and run by the descendants of the original purveyors and are carefully crafted to entice. At the heart of it all is the haggle. Any frequent visitor to the market knows to come prepared to bargain!

If you are wondering when the best time is to visit the market, it depends on the time of day. For a calmer, quieter atmosphere, it is best to visit early in the morning. Usually, by noon, the market begins to approach peak activity. Fridays are also extremely hectic, as crowds are preparing for the Sabbath. After the food markets close in the evening, the market undergoes a change as crowds descend on nighttime hotspots.

The market is open from Sunday to Friday, and you will always find something new with each visit.

Originally posted at Israel Advantage Tours.


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