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UN Hits New Anti-Israel Low

by Touchpoint Israel

Last week Anne Bayefsky, a Canadian human rights professor who is a member of the International Law Association Committee on International Human Rights Law and Practice, sent an alarming email. Anne also serves on the board of the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs (JINSA), a think tank that focuses on Israel’s security in its relationship with the United States.

Below is the bulk of her alarming email:

“Two and a half hours ago the UN General Assembly’s budget committee (a committee of the whole, i.e. composed of all 193 member states) decided to fund a new ‘Commission of Inquiry’ established by the UN Human Rights Council that is intended to emasculate the state of Israel.”

Continuing, she said, “Without exaggeration, it is the most hostile and dangerous anti-Israel body the UN has ever created. It will decide Israel is guilty of apartheid, validate and unleash criminal prosecutions of Israelis, significantly magnify pressure on ‘third states”‘ and ‘business enterprises’ to engage in BDS, and insist on an arms embargo against Israel.”

The email went on to say, “It is permanent in duration. It will have 18 permanent UN staff funded by the regular budget – which means 22% of it will come from American taxpayers, creating an in-house legal bureau to seek criminal charges against members of the IDF and the highest echelons of the Israeli government (‘command responsibility’). The three members of the ‘Inquiry’ have been appointed – and all have public records of extreme anti-Israel hostility.”

“We can, and we must discredit this Inquiry. That’s why I’m writing. Here’s how: The Inquiry – which ought to become known as Pillay’s Pogrom – has issued a ‘Call for Submissions.’ It sets out five vast topics for submissions – in effect, going back to the justifications of a Jewish state period. It is particularly interested in identifying the propagators of racial and religious ‘discrimination’ and ‘repression’. Making a submission is an opportunity to recount history, abuses, facts, law – the truth that the Inquiry doesn’t want to hear. Large numbers of submissions that are ignored or vilified by the Inquiry will erode credibility.”

She continued to explain, “Massive numbers of submissions on Israel’s side, standing against modern anti-Semitism, will push back against the UN’s unprecedented global attack on Israel and the Jewish people,” Bayefski wrote.

The first report of the Commission of Inquiry is expected in June 2022. A shocking 125 countries supported the creation of the new UN ‘human rights commission’ while Hungary was the only European country to vote against the UN commission’s budgeting. The rest of the European countries, as well as Canada and Australia, abstained.

The United States, however, voted against the anti-Israel resolution and President Joe Biden’s administration envoy to the UN made it clear that it was “unfair” to single Israel out for permanent human rights investigations that span the entire country.


Originally posted at vfinews.com


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