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Drones Deliver Sushi and Ice Cream above Tel Aviv Skyline

by Touchpoint Israel

The reality of sushi, ice cream and medicine deliveries by drones moved a step closer on Monday, October 11th, as Israel’s National Drone Initiative launched its third phase.

Flying over residential areas in Tel Aviv-Jaffa, Ramat Hasharon, Herzliya and Hadera, the pilot program conducted the third stage of eight tests it will run as it moves forward with its mission to create a national drone network.

Over the course of the test, drones operated by the five companies participating in the program will carry out around 300 flights per day above open areas, conducting different kinds of tasks on flight paths assigned by the joint control system.

Among the challenges, drones operated by Cando and High-Lander will bring sushi deliveries ordered by customers via a dedicated app and will deliver them to Tzuk Beach in Herzliya. The companies will also have a drone performing autonomous security missions for an emergency facility (Reading Fire Station) so that the drone located at the charging station is activated autonomously.

In addition, SkyLinx and FlyTech will conduct a pilot program in which customers will be able to enter their order via a dedicated app and receive their ice cream via drones at Charles Clore Park (next to the Manta Ray restaurant).

All participating companies, including Simplex and DownWind, will perform flights over urban areas in the center of Tel Aviv. HarTech Technologies Ltd. and Airwayz will perform flights over the Hadera urban area.


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