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Bennett Says Israel Will Not be Bound to Nuclear Deal with Iran

by Touchpoint Israel

Israel will not be bound by a new nuclear deal with Iran, Prime Minister Naftali Bennett said Tuesday, November 23.

“We hope the world does not blink, but if it does, we do not intend to. We stand at the outset of a complex period,” Bennett added.

The remarks came ahead of talks next week in Vienna, Austria, with the parties to the 2015 nuclear deal. Tuesday was the first time Bennett laid out his policy toward Iran since taking office earlier this year.

Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz echoed the statements this week, reiterating that the Jewish state will not allow Iran to obtain a nuclear weapon.

In an interview with Fox News earlier this year, Gantz said his country has been updating plans to strike Iranian nuclear facilities.

Director-General of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Rafael Mariano Grossi was in Iran on Tuesday for talks. His goal: to get greater access from Iran to inspect nuclear sites. The inspectors have not had access to surveillance cameras in Iran’s declared nuclear facilities.

“I hope to establish a fruitful and cooperative channel of direct dialogue so the (IAEA) can resume essential verification activities in the country,” Grossi tweeted.


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