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Burnt House Museum | Jerusalem

by Touchpoint Israel

If you are planning a visit to Israel, then spending time in Jerusalem is an absolute must. And whether you have been there only once or a hundred times, you will never run short of places to see and things to do.

Walk through the beautiful and maze-like Jewish Quarter in the southeast corner of Jerusalem’s Old City, built entirely of beige Jerusalem stone, and you will find the Burnt House Museum. Just a few hundred meters from the famed Western Wall, the museum is a time capsule of the Second Temple period after the destruction of Jerusalem by the Romans in AD 70.

During excavations in the Old City after the end of the Six Day War in 1967, archaeologists uncovered the collapsed ruins of a home that had been decimated by a massive fire. Further excavations revealed the full extent of the intensity of the fire—piles of rubble, charred wooden beams, collapsed walls, and shards of household utensils. The site was the home of a family of priests who served in the temple, and who were mentioned in the Talmud, a massive collection of writings pertaining to Jewish civil and religious law.

Visitors to the Burnt House Museum will be treated to a completely restored site, a snapshot of another civilization frozen in time. A sound and light show and engaging multimedia round out the experience, detailing daily life, the fall of Jerusalem, and the destruction of the Second Temple.

The Burnt House Museum makes for a perfect stop before or after your visit to the Western Wall.


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