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Netanyahu Tries to Discredit Right-Wing Challengers

by Touchpoint Israel

Not everyone on the Right wants Netanyahu to remain prime minister, but without him they’ll need the Left.

A campaign poster for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud, warning right-wing Israeli voters that if they choose one of his political opponents to the Right of the political spectrum, they’ll end up inadvertently facilitating a left-wing government.

“You voted for Gideon and Bennett, you got Lapid as prime minister,” reads the yellow and black sign.

Next to it, the blue and white sign reads: “Only Likud will bring a fully right-wing government.”

We’ve reported a number of times that in the upcoming March 23 election, the only real threat to Netanyahu’s long premiership is from the surging right-wing alternatives. Even though the “anti-Netanyahu” bloc of parties is expected to win a majority of Knesset seats, not all of them are from the Left.

When looking at true “Left” and “Right”, it is clear that the right-wing holds a clear majority in Israeli politics. The problem for Netanyahu is that half of the Right no longer wants him as prime minister.

At the same time, without Netanyahu and his Likud these other right-wing parties have no chance of forming a government, and so, as Netanyahu suggests, they’d need the support of center-left parties.


Originally posted at israeltoday.co.il


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