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Beautiful Israeli restaurants with a seaside view

by Touchpoint Israel

From panoramic views of stunning Mediterranean coastlines to restaurants right on the sand, meters away from crashing ocean waves, Israel’s collection of seaside restaurants is known for being one of the best in the world. Here’s a list of some of the best dining spots by the sea in Israel.


If you are looking for an authentic Greek experience, visit Kalamata. A cozy setting, sophisticated dishes, amazing service and an unbeatable view of the Mediterranean add up to an outing in pure paradise. The peaceful atmosphere of this restaurant complemented by the picturesque view makes it fit for any occasion. As if the prime location of this restaurant was not a good enough reason for a visit, the Greek cuisine with a Middle Eastern twist is delicious.



Seatara is a North Tel Aviv landmark known for their diverse menu that contains everything from Japanese cuisine to French-style seafood and meat. Situated right on the sea, whether you are looking for a light breakfast, a quick coffee or a gourmet dinner, this restaurant will offer exactly what you want. For the best dining experience with a clear view of the stunning sea, we recommend a daytime outing to this trendy restaurant with a seat on the balcony.



With stunning coastlines that stretch for miles on end, there is no debate over the fact that Caesarea is one of the most beautiful areas of Israel. If you find yourself in this gem of Israel, indulging in one of their many sea-view restaurants is a must. Located on the Old Port of Caesarea, Hellena is notorious for being one of the best restaurants in town. The restaurant boasts a creative menu featuring Mediterranean cuisine and a wide-ranging wine selection.

Al Hamayim

This elegant restaurant located on the Herzliya port truly is not far from perfect. Sitting right on the beach, Al Hamayim is a great choice for a romantic evening with a date or dinner with family. Al Hamayim offers an innovative menu that is primarily comprised of seafood. If you are a sushi lover, this is your place.


Old Man and the Sea

Quantity meets quality in this buzzing restaurant in Old Jaffa. Situated on the Jaffa Port overlooking the gorgeous blue Mediterranean, The Old Man and the Sea is a longtime favorite in Tel Aviv and a great place for couples, families and friends alike. Always a satisfying meal, their menu offers dishes including meat, fresh fish and seafood.

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