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Israel Aids Middle Eastern Refugees

by Touchpoint Israel

The last few weeks have been full of heartbreaking images as the Syrian refugee crisis has held international attention. Countries are asking themselves how they can help the millions of refugees fleeing war-torn areas, but Israel is already doing something about it.

Prime Minister Netanyahu has said that because of Israel’s small size and fragile demographic balance, it is impossible to resettle these refugees within Israel’s borders. However, Israel is doing all it can to assist in other ways. The IDF has been giving medical care to injured Syrians since the Syrian civil war began, and now non-profit organizations are stepping in to provide additional humanitarian aid.

Volunteers from IsraAID: The Israel Forum for International Humanitarian Aid spent the Jewish New Year in dramatic rescue and aid operations on behalf of refugees pouring into Europe from war-torn countries including Syria.

IsraAID Director Shachar Zahavi tells ISRAEL21c that on Sunday, September 13, volunteers from his non-profit NGO sprang into action when they saw a boatful of refugees nearing the Greek shore suddenly flip over as its engine exploded.

“Some of the women, children and babies didn’t know how to swim and our staff immediately jumped into the water to help them, preventing them from drowning,” says Zahavi. “After bringing everyone onto the shore safely, our medical team treated some of the sick and injured while our logistic team distributed food and water to the rest.”

Read the full story here at Israel21c.


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