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Extreme Fun in Akko

by Touchpoint Israel

Calling all adrenaline junkies: Israel has a new multi-million dollar extreme sports complex you don’t want to miss!

Set among the historic backdrop of the port city of Akko (or Acre), Extreme Park is the ultimate destination for thrill seekers of all ages and experience levels. Boasting the Middle East’s tallest rock wall and highest bungee jump, Extreme Park offers 35 fun activities the whole family will enjoy.

Rappel down a cliff. Whiz through the salty air on a pulse-pounding zip-line. Test your rollerblading or skateboarding skills. Or just sit back and relax with a delicious meal while the kiddos have the adventure of a lifetime. The park caters to every level of ability, including those with special physical needs.

Open during the evening on weekdays, 10-5 on Friday, and 10-8 on Saturday. Tickets are available by calling 1-700-556-070 (an Israeli toll-free number), or by contacting the Akko tourism website. Prices range from NIS 35-110 (approximately $9.00-28.50 US).



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