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Helpful Hebrew Phrases for Tourists

by Touchpoint Israel

These simple phrases will help enhance your experience when you come to the Holy Land. Although you don’t need to speak Hebrew in order to enjoy your visit to Israel, knowing a few words of the language will make your trip more enjoyable as you immerse yourself in the culture.

Don’t worry – most Israelis speak English as well as Hebrew!

English                              Hebrew (Transliterated English Pronunciation)
Yes                                        ken
No                                         lo
Please                                   be’vakasha
Excuse me                           s’leeha
Thanks                                 toda
Thanks a lot                        toda raba
Hello                                     shalom
Good-bye                             shalom  -or-
See you again                      le’hitra’ot (le’heatra’oat)
Good morning                    boker tov (bo-care tov)
Good afternoon                  tzohorayeem toveem (tso-ho-rye-eem toveem)
Good evening                      erev tov
Good night                           laila tov
How much is it?                  kama ze ole (olay)?
What time is it?                   ma ha’sha’a?


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