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People in History: Chaim Weizmann

by Touchpoint Israel

This incredible man was instrumental in laying the groundwork for bringing the modern State of Israel to life.

Chaim Weizmann was a scientist, born in Russia in 1874. As a young man he became a passionate advocate for the return of the Jews to their ancient homeland, and after completing his education abroad became a member of the General Zionist Council in England.

Weizmann dedicated his life to the dream of establishing the State of Israel, and used his influence and relationships with world leaders as an important scientist to gain their support for his cause. His influence was key in securing the political support of the United States and Great Britain. He led several of the world’s most influential Zionist organizations before immigrating to pre-state Israel in 1937. Because of his key role in achieving independence for the Jewish state, he was chosen to be Israel’s first president in 1948. He held that office until his death in 1952. More of his story is available here.

(Photo courtesy of the Government Press Office of Israel)


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