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PASSOVER: Over 3,300 Years of Celebration!

by Touchpoint Israel

Passover is the Jewish holiday also known as Pesach, which falls on Nissan 15-21 according to the Jewish calendar. This year it will be observed from sundown on April 14th to sundown on April 22nd. These eight days commemorate the Exodus of the Jews from Egypt. It is both a remembrance of the bitter years of slavery in Egypt, and a celebration of God’s deliverance.

The biblical story of Passover is found in the book of Exodus, chapters 1-15. In preparation for the holiday, each Jewish household is carefully cleansed of all leavened bread products. During the Passover Seder, which is a special meal prepared according to religious tradition, every family reads a passage from Deuteronomy 6:20-23 and recites blessings over each symbolic part of the meal. The evening ends with joyful singing and a prayer to celebrate Passover next year in Jerusalem.

Learn more about the history, traditions, and rituals of Passover here.


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