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Bless Israel With A Gift Of Love

by Touchpoint Israel

The Land of Israel is beautiful – full of historic treasures and a rich spiritual heritage. Israel’s miraculous rebirth in 1948 as a modern nation fulfilled God’s promise to restore His people to their inheritance. Millions of Jews now live in the Promised Land, thankful for the opportunity to return home after thousands of years in exile.

Yet a large portion of Israelis, over 20 percent of the population, struggle to escape poverty. These men, women, and children want nothing more than the opportunity to build better lives. We can give them that opportunity.
Bless Israel

We want to help these precious people climb out of the pit of poverty and experience ALL of the blessings God has for them!

Help us show Israel’s most impoverished people how much God loves them. You can reduce the burden of poverty and shine the light of hope in their lives with a gift as small as $20. Here is what your gift will provide:

  • Emergency medical services across Israel
  • Hunger relief programs for thousands
  • Educational support for disadvantaged youth
  • And MORE!

Experts estimate there are over 1.65 MILLION Israelis living in poverty. With your gift of $20 or more, we can show God’s love to the poor and struggling people in Israel. Help us make the Promised Land a better place.

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We want to bless YOU for blessing Israel! In appreciation for your generous gift of $20 or more, we will send you our beautiful “In Him Will I Trust – Psalm 91” calendar.

Perhaps no portion of scripture more beautifully depicts God’s protection of His people than Psalm 91. This calendar will remind you of His promises and guide you through the Jewish year of festivals and holidays. You will deepen your connection to the Jewish roots of your faith as you experience a year of blessings and insights based on the Hebrew prophets.

Thank you for showing God’s love to Israel’s people!

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