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Ehud Barak: Too Late to Stop Iran’s Nukes with Military Action

by Touchpoint Israel

Iran is close to becoming a nuclear state and military action will no longer be effective in stopping the Islamic Republic’s nuclear program, former prime minister Ehud Barak warned this week.

“Both Israel and (for sure) the US can operate over the skies of Iran against this or that site or installation and destroy it. But once Iran is a de-facto threshold nuclear state, this kind of attack simply cannot delay the Iranians from turning nuclear. Indeed, under certain circumstances, it might accelerate their rush towards assembling that bomb, and provide them a measure of legitimacy on grounds of self-defense,” Barak wrote.

With that said, the former prime minister and IDF chief of staff called on the United States to help provide Israel with the means needed to carry out an independent military attack against the Iranian nuclear program if “both governments are convinced it is absolutely necessary.”

Israel should reserve the right to a large-scale military operation against the Islamic Republic, as a nuclear breakout “will most probably” occur when the US has its hands full with other crises across the globe, Barak said.

“This summer, Iran will turn into a de-facto threshold nuclear state,” Barak added, further warning that operations over Iranian skies “simply cannot delay the Iranians from turning nuclear.”

Originally posted at VFINews.


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