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New Israeli PM Lapid to Work Toward “Two-State Solution”

by Touchpoint Israel

The newly appointed Israeli Prime Minister Yair Lapid has agreed to meetings to renew talks with the Palestinians to create a “two-state solution.” The report cited a report published by the Egyptian Presidential Office quoting a phone conversation between Lapid and Egyptian President al-Sisi:

“It was agreed to work to organize bilateral and multilateral meetings that would include Israel, Egypt, and the head of the Palestinian Authority in the near future to re-energize the peace negotiations process,” the report read.

The Egyptian announcement stands in contrast to the benign statement by the Israeli government:

“The two leaders discussed bilateral and regional matters and emphasized the importance of the peace agreement between Egypt and Israel, which laid the foundation for the countries’ strategic relations and is a central pillar of regional stability,” the Israeli statement read. “The two expressed their commitment to continuing to develop relations, including in the economic sphere.”

“President El-Sisi reiterated that Egypt will continue its efforts to achieve just and comprehensive peace, based on the two-state solution and references of international legitimacy, opening up prospects for cooperation and development for all the peoples of the region.”

As Foreign Minister under Bennett, Lapid assured the Israeli public that while Bennett was PM, the two-state solution was off the table, and there would be no negotiations with the Palestinian Authority. One year ago, an address to the European Union described the two-state solution as “unfeasible.”

Lapid has opposed expanding or building Jewish communities “that will prevent the possibility of a future two-state solution.”

A two-state solution would create an unprecedented Palestinian state inside Israel’s borders that is ethnically cleansed of Jews, with its capital in Jerusalem. Even if the state is established with the Palestinian Authority in power, Hamas currently commands popular support and could take over as it did in Gaza. (i365/VFI News)

“God, we ask that you make this transition to a new leader smooth and peaceful. May Israel’s new prime minister lead with dignity and honesty.”

Originally posted at VFINews.


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