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Israeli-Made Weapons are Heading to Ukraine

by infinityconcepts

As NATO member states announce that they are shipping modern weapons to Ukraine, Israeli-made weapons are also on their way, even as Jerusalem walks a diplomatic tightrope following Russia’s invasion of the European nation.

On Sunday evening, February 27, the Netherlands announced that it would send 50 Panzerfaust 3 anti-tank weapon systems with 400 rockets and 200 Stinger anti-aircraft missiles. Amsterdam will also supply 100 sniper rifles and 3,000 additional munitions.

While Rafael Advanced Defense Systems and Israel’s Defense Ministry had no comment, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz said Saturday that he had authorized the Netherlands to send Ukraine the military equipment.

Germany did not need to ask for Israel’s approval to transfer the weapons because the plant in Burbach was only acquired by Rafael in 2004, and Berlin had been financing the development of the weapon since it was first introduced in 1973.

The Army Recognition website said that all the military equipment and weapons will be transported to an Eastern European country by American C-17 transport aircraft, which departed from Eindhoven airbase and once on the ground, will be transported by road to Ukraine.

Israel has sold billions of dollars worth of weapons systems to Eastern European countries fearing Russian aggression since it annexed the Crimean Peninsula in 2014. In 2021, Israel’s defense exports reached $8.3 billion, with 30%t going to Europe.

The sales included missiles, rockets, air defense systems, communications, drones, intelligence systems, radar and early warning systems, ammunition and armament, manned aircraft, avionics, observation and electro-optics.

Rafael has also sold the SPIKE 5th generation, precise electro-optical missile to 18 European Union and NATO members, who can transfer the weapon to Ukraine if given the green light from Jerusalem. (JPost / VFI News)

Blessed be the Lord, my rock, who trains my hands for war, and my fingers for battle. – Psalm 144:1

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