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30% of Antisemitic Incidents Worldwide Occur in the US

by Touchpoint Israel

Roughly 30% of all anti-Semitic incidents reported worldwide in 2021 occurred in the US, according to data published by Israel Hayom from a new report by the Jewish Agency and the World Zionist Organization.

The US had the second-largest number of anti-Semitic incidents reported last year, after Europe.

Broken down by state, New York had the largest number of anti-Semitic incidents in 2021, followed by California, Florida, Massachusetts, and Pennsylvania. Texas, where a gunman held four people hostage at a synagogue last Saturday, ranked number six.

The figures tended to correlate with the size of local Jewish populations in absolute terms.

New York, California, and Florida, which ranked first, second, and third in terms of anti-Semitic incidents, are also home to the first, second, and third largest Jewish populations in the US.

Massachusetts has the seventh largest Jewish population in the US, Pennsylvania the fifth, and Texas the ninth.

The US, which accounted for some 30% of anti-Semitic incidents reported worldwide, is home to roughly 40% of the entire Jewish population.

More troubling, however, was the report’s finding that anti-Semitic incidents in the US were more likely to be physical, rather than verbal. Outside of the US, anti-Semitic incidents were more likely to take the form of vandalism, with both physical violence and verbal assaults less common.

Anti-Semitism rose substantially on college campuses in the US in 2021, in particular during the month of May, during Israel’s Operation Guardian of the Walls, conducted against the Hamas terrorist organization in Gaza.


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