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Israeli Tech Protects Mexican Gyms From COVID

by Touchpoint Israel

Innovative Israeli-made air filtration system is taking the world by storm amid the COVID pandemic.

Health clubs and gyms in Mexico are continuing to operate during the coronavirus pandemic thanks to Israeli decontamination technology which completely filters and cleans the air several times an hour.

The system was developed by the Israeli start-up Aura Air and is based on artificial intelligence that compares the air content inside the building with that outside, thus detecting a decrease in its quality in advance.

Aura Air’s technology operates at several levels, including: in-room air quality analysis including temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide levels, levels of organic gases and more, comparing the results with the air outside of the building, and purification, disinfection and automatic filtering of the interior space using four filters and unique technologies. The system provides the health club manager with recommendations for ventilating the room in case it is necessary and alerts him of the presence of cigarette smoke, as well as toxic gases that could indicate the onset of a fire or contamination from another source even when there is no one in the building by using a unique app.

Aviad Schneiderman, founder and CEO of Aura Air, said that the company’s technology enables the management of the coronavirus in Mexico and in other countries throughout the world, both in sports and in educational institutions, as well as in classrooms, places of entertainment and in transportation. The systems will continue to serve the sport trainers even after the coronavirus is behind us and will trigger an alert when the percentage of oxygen in the air drops below a set level or at the presence of harmful materials in the air.

Israeli technology has also been chosen to purify the air in Madrid’s Sarswala Palace, which is used by the King of Spain and the royal family, and where the Spanish king welcomes his foreign guests. The king also holds meetings there with the Spanish Prime Minister and other government ministers.

Aura Air was founded by the Schneiderman brothers, Aviad and Eldar. Investors include Merchavia Holdings and AY Electronics Group, which is responsible for manufacturing the systems through its subsidiary, Shiratech and other investors. The company has 14 employees and manufactures the system in Israel in cooperation with Beit El Industries. The company’s products are sold to corporate customers such as schools, train stations, offices and large entities in Israel and Europe, as well as to individuals through the company’s website.

Originally posted at israeltoday.co.il


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