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Jaffa | An ancient port becomes a hip hangout

by Touchpoint Israel
Jaffa, a municipality in the south of Tel Aviv, Israel, has one of the world’s oldest ports. Once known as the “Bride of the Sea” because of its location along the Mediterranean, it’s been in constant use for at least 7,000 years.

Today it still operates as a port, with fishermen embarking for their daily catch, but now they share space with tour boats, yachts, and even a few houseboats.

Midron Park in Jaffa.Midron Park lies just south of the Old Port. It opened in 2009 on the site of what was previously a pile of dirt and sand. (Photo: Zach Pontz)

Art galleries, a theater, a cafe, and several restaurants are popular destinations for locals and tourists alike. So, too, is a gelato shop and gaming facility. The country’s most high-profile 24-hour news channel, i24NEWS, even calls the port home.

Jaffa Port market on Saturday.This Saturday market draws locals and tourists to its wares. (Photo: Zach Pontz)

On the weekends, there are concerts to be seen and heard and a large market to be shopped at this Mediterranean seaside port.

And then, of course, there are the beautiful seaside views witnessed both from the port itself or, a little further south, from Midron Park, a new addition to the area. With its elevated position along the coastline, it makes for the perfect dusk destination.

Paddle boarders and kayakers in Jaffa.Jaffa Port on the Mediterranean coast is also good for water sports, as can be seen here. (Photo: Zach Pontz)

A snack kiosk in Jaffa Port.A snack kiosk serves the crowds who come down to the port to enjoy the sea views. (Photo: Zach Pontz)

Old lighthouse in Jaffa.The old lighthouse in Jaffa was built in 1865. (Photo: Zach Pontz)

A fisherman in Jaffa Port at sunset.A dedicated fisherman still at work as the sun sets on the Mediterranean Sea. (Photo: Zach Pontz)

Jaffa Art Salon in Jaffa Port areaJaffa Port has become home to several art galleries, including this one, the Jaffa Art Salon. (Photo: Zach Pontz)

Patrons at Container in Jaffa Port.Container is a popular late-night destination in Jaffa Port. (Photo: Zach Pontz)

i24s new building in Jaffa Port.A news station, several restaurants, a gelato shop, and a gaming space operate out of the port’s main building. (Photo: Zach Pontz)

A port-side view of the main building.A port-side view of the main building. (Photo: Zach Pontz)

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