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The coastal cities of Israel offer great access to the Mediterranean Sea and a long coastline filled with sandy beaches that are great for recreation and outdoor activities. In fact, some of the popular Israel destinations are coastal cities which include Tel AvivAcre, and Caesarea. Nahariya is the northernmost coastal city of Israel. Like most places in Israel, the city of Nahariya also has a rich history dating back the Bronze Age. Let’s check out some of the great Israel destinations found in the city of Nahariya below.

Achziv National Park

The Achziv National Park is the main tourist attraction in the city. There are archeological sites in the park which includes ruins of a Crusader fortress. More than the ancient ruins, the Achziv National Park is a popular go-to spot for beachgoers. The Achziv beach has a couple of sections which includes shaded areas for camping and picnics, restrooms, showers, and other amenities. The beach also features lagoons with a natural breakwater making it ideal for families with children. There are lifeguards on duty watching over the lagoons. 

Nahal Kziv Reserve

This reserve takes its name from Nahal Kziv which is a 20-kilometer stream in the Upper Galilee. One of the main attractions in the reserve is the Montfort Castle, a ruined Crusader castle and one of the popular spots in the nature reserve. The reserve features adventurous hiking trails, one in particular, is along the Nahal Kziv.

Rosh HaNikra

Rosh HaNikra is located near the border of Israel and Lebanon and is popular for its grottos. The area is also a kibbutz, a unique Israeli agricultural settlement, and is one of the fascinating places to visit in Israel. Visiting the grottos includes a cable car ride which offers a picturesque view of the Mediterranean Sea.

Nahariya Botanical and Zoological Garden

The Nahariya Botanical and Zoological Garden is just three blocks away from the beach. It’s a small zoo and garden that features an assortment of wildlife and plants. The place is an ideal destination for families with kids.

Yehiam Fortress National Park

The Yehiam Fortress National Park is one of Israel’s national parks and is approximately 20 minutes travel away from Nahariya. The park is located in the western Upper Galilee and features the ruins of the Khirbat Jiddin, a Crusader-era castle. There are other archeological finds in the national park which includes a Byzantine-era monastery, ruins of a Roman fort, ancient burial caves and mosaic fragments.

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