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Must Try Israeli Food

by Touchpoint Israel

An adventure to a foreign land needs to involve all your senses to be enjoyed and remembered. One must taste the diversity of Israeli food to truly understand the beauty of Israel, rather than just the sights and sounds that Israel has to offer.

With that, we share our must-try Israeli food that one could easily find in the restaurants and marketplaces of Israel. 


Hummus is a popular Middle Eastern and Mediterranean food. The main components are mashed chickpeas with tahini and is usually paired with a flatbread such as a pita. The flatbread is used to scoop the hummus and is served as an appetizer or even a whole meal! There are many variations of hummus found in Israel which can be differentiated by the toppings added on top that gives it a unique and different flavor profile from the others. Hummus is a popular and cheap Israeli food you should be able to find easily. Hummus in Israel is so good, it is often a meal on its own.


Falafel is perhaps the most iconic Israeli food and is also considered Israel’s national food. Falafel is a deep-fried ball made of ground chickpeas, fava beans, or a combination of the two along with herbs and spices. It may be served with other dishes or eaten alone as a snack. Given its popularity all over Israel, it is also a common Israeli food one can find almost everywhere.


Shawarma is another popular Middle Eastern food commonly found in Israel. The Israeli version of Shawarma tends to use lamb and is paired with a tahini sauce and not a yogurt sauce unlike the Arab, Turkish, and Greek version of Shawarma.


Khachapuri is a popular Georgian food found in Israel and is sold in the markets of Tel Aviv and Mahane Yehuda of Jerusalem. Khachapuri is a bread filled with cheese and an egg that’s placed on top. It is a popular brunch food in Israel.

Fried Halloumi

Given Israel’s love for cheese and dairy, deep frying the halloumi cheese is a popular Israeli food you can easily find in the markets and food stalls. Halloumi is also commonly added in salads.


Shakshuka is a popular breakfast Israeli food that’s traditionally served with pita or challah. It is a vegetarian dish featuring a tomato base and spices then topped with eggs.

Dried Fruits and Nuts

The markets in Israel are filled with a wide selection of dried fruits and nuts. These are also popular gift items that locals use to create a mixture of dried fruits and nuts. Ideal Israeli food items you can take back home after your tour of Israel.

Originally posted at Sar-El Tours.


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