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The Burnt House in Jerusalem

by Touchpoint Israel

During the excavations that took place in the Jewish Quarter after the Six Day War in 1967, archaeologists discovered the ruins of a house that had collapsed and been burnt by a fierce fire. The Burnt House is a magnificent building, revealed during excavations in the Old City of Jerusalem.

Named “The Burnt House” because it represents the buildings and community that were burned during the destruction of Jerusalem by the Romans in the first century, it is a very important archaeological find that reveals what life was like in Jerusalem during the Temple period.  

The site was the home of an important family of priests who served in the Second Temple. They are mentioned in the Talmud. Visitors to the restored ancient site are in for a unique experience: a gripping multimedia, sound and light show dramatically recreates the fall of Jerusalem and destruction of the Second Temple.

In the museum, you will be able to walk through rooms that are virtually intact with artifacts from the time of the 2nd Temple. Stones burnt by an intense fire, scorched wooden beams and layers of ash and soot, testify to the huge fire that raged here.

The excavations have uncovered the full fury of the catastrophe: collapsed walls, stones seared by fire, charred wooden beams, soot, and shattered household utensils beneath heaps of fallen stones.

The Burnt House

Numerous stones and vessels remain in the various chambers, as well as stone tables, basalt mortars, cooking pots, measuring cups, weights, and containers.

The museum answers questions such as: How did the residents live? What did they believe in? Why did the house burn down? The answers are learned by
analyzing archaeological artifacts and a multi-media presentation describing the daily life of the people who lived here.

The museum is located in the Jewish Quarter of the Old City, and it’s a great place to visit before going to the Western Wall.


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