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Take the Time Elevator through Jerusalem’s past

by Touchpoint Israel

Although you can explore Jerusalem for days on end and barely scratch the surface, if you’re interested in getting the big picture on the city and its history in just under half an hour, hop onto the Time Elevator.

The viewer here is not just a passive spectator in the arena of history; the motion-based seating moves the audience with the turbulence of the times, while surround-sound and a wealth of surprising effects bring the viewer even closer to the action, making the experience all the more immersive. The faint of heart (or those who prefer a more academic approach to history) can also enjoy the show. There are several stationary seats, and the ones that do move can also be adjusted according to the whims and fancies of individual audience members.


Time Elevator Jerusalem – 2D

Narrated by tour guide Shalem (Chaim Topol from ‘Fiddler on the Roof’), the elevator journey begins deep underground with the Jerusalem of the Bible, slowly climbing through history. You’ll come face to face with King David, gain an up-close tour of Solomon’s glorious First Temple and witness its destruction; explore the winding alleyways of Eilia Capitolina, built by Emperor Hadrian on the ruins of Jerusalem; encounter the fearsome Saladin as he fends off the Crusader invasion of the Holy Land; and finally, rise through the roof (not unlike Charlie Bucket) for a breathtaking aerial view of the modern city.

I am Jerusalem – 2D

The innovative multi-media performance “I am Jerusalem” has become one of the city’s must-see attractions. Whether you’re local or visiting, 5 years old or 99 years old, this is one experience that you simply cannot miss!

Enroll in a multi-sensory journey through this artistic performance that features the stunning sights of Jerusalem, sounds, people and scents. Travel back in time to the history of Jerusalem; come back with the time elevator, and look into the future of our great capital. Fly to the sky to watch Jerusalem from above and land back to earth to feel the ground of the holy city.

“I am Jerusalem” is an experience where dimensions, periods and emotions will be changing at the speed of light. The performance offers an opportunity for anyone to find their personal and individual connection to the most popular city on earth.

Originally posted on I Travel Jerusalem.


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