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Some of the Best Seaside Towns to Visit in Israel

by Touchpoint Israel

If you’re looking for a combination of ancient ports and archaeological remains, together with exquisite sandy beaches and fresh seafood, opt for visiting one of the seaside towns along Israel’s 170-mile Mediterranean coastline. From enjoying luxury resort hotels to simply strolling along the coast, here are the best seaside towns to visit in Israel.


Akko is a picturesque ancient port city on the northwestern coast, which is rich in history for all religions and where Jews, Muslims, and Christians have coexisted for thousands of years. The old city is a UNESCO World Heritage Site where extensive conservations have been going on for the last 10 years. Wander through the colorful souk (market) up to the seafront marina and grab a bite at one of the delicious seafood restaurants or even go as far as taking a boat ride to watch the fisherman at work.

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Fishing in Northern Israel | © Adam Sherez/Unsplash


Best known for its national archaeological park and amphitheater, Caesarea is located halfway between Tel Aviv and Haifa. Caesarea offers a unique combination of old and new with beautiful, modern sea view homes as well as ancient ruins. If you’re lucky, you may catch a live event from one of Israel’s biggest musical talents at the amphitheater, set in the archaeological Caesarea Harbour. On a warm summer evening, you’ll probably get a glimpse of a beach wedding taking place at sunset.


Netanya is a Mediterranean resort city where you can find beautiful sandy beaches, an abundance of restaurants and a promenade set along the 80-150-foot cliff overlooking the sea. Nearby, you can take a walk through the Alexander Stream Nature Reserve at Beit Yanai Beach or have some family fun at the local movie theatre, bowling alley or at one of the malls in town.


Just a little further down the coast towards Tel Aviv, Herzliya’s sandy beach and marina are just what you are dreaming of in a Mediterranean seaside city. You can take a stroll along the beach or hit one of the popular beach bars and restaurants that line the coast. As well as being an upmarket tourist location, Herzeliya boasts a vibrant industrial area mainly home to high-tech companies for those wishing to mix business and pleasure.


Herzliya Beach | © RonAlmog/Flickr

Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv is the city that never sleeps. Famous for its nightlife, art and culture, beaches, delicious cuisine, and bustling vibe, Tel Aviv is where you can see people cycling, running, sunbathing, windsurfing and engaging in all kinds of water sports all along the Tel Aviv beach promenade, all year round. The city is undoubtedly the cultural capital of Israel and where you can find wonderful shopping, attractions, cuisine, and hotels, not to mention, people.


One of the oldest and most beautiful neighborhoods in Tel Aviv, Jaffa deserves its own mention. Jaffa’s port boasts the most authentic local cuisine both overlooking the sea and in the ancient cobbled streets, as well as a historical flea market surrounded by boutiques and galleries. The area comes alive at night with bustling restaurants and bars, making it a favorite among locals and visitors alike.


Jaffa | © Israeltourism/Flickr


Further south along the coast, Ashdod is another popular beach vacation spot offering archaeological explorations, sports, leisure, music, and mouth-watering Middle Eastern cuisine. It’s also a popular destination for cruise ships traveling through the Mediterranean to dock.


The southernmost resort town of Israel on the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aqaba is world-renowned for its calm waters. Here is where you can find incredible views of aquatic mammals at Dolphin Reef and join tourists from all over the world who especially come to Eilat to snorkel, dive and enjoy warm sunny winters and tax-free shopping.

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Israel beach | © james ballard/Unsplash

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