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5 Beautiful Waterfalls in Israel

by Touchpoint Israel

If you love to get your feet wet or just relish the refreshing spray of cascading mist against your face and arms, Israel boasts delightful, refreshing waterfalls, and now is the season to enjoy them at their best. Here are five waterfalls that are sure to bring relief from the sun on a hot day:

Nachal Ayun

Nachal Ayun Stream passes through The Iyon (Tanur) Stream Nature Reserve from the Ayun Valley in the “Finger of Galilee” south to the Hula Valley. There is a beautiful gorge with many flowing waterfalls. These waterfalls flow all year round, and along the channel there is an abundance of water vegetation. The major attraction in the gorge is the waterfalls.

This video shows the Tanur Waterfall, the Ayun Waterfall and the Tahana Waterfall.

Tahana (Mill) Waterfall – Nachal Ayun

The Mill Waterfall is relatively broad, 70 feet high, alongside which are the remains of a flour mill that, in the past, was the only flour mill in the country under Jewish ownership.

HaTachna Waterfall Photo: Adiel lo

Eshed (Cascades) Waterfall – Nachal Ayun

Eshed waterfall consists both the 31 ft. upper fall and the 16 ft. bottom fall. The old Metulla graveyard is nearby.

Ayun Waterfall (Iyon Waterfall) – Nachal Ayun

The Iyon Waterfall is 30 ft. high. The concrete wall on its top was built during WW2 by the British, who feared Germany’s invasion from the north. The wall also served to store water which was used by the British for pumping water for their camps.

Ayun waterfall Photo: Adiel lo

Tanur Waterfall – Nachal Ayun

The Tanur Waterfall is approximately 100 ft. high, one of the highest perennial streams in Israel. The name of the waterfall has two explanations:

  • The shape that looks very much like the “Tanur”, the long skirt worn by Lebanese Arab women.
  • Another origin might be from its shape which resembles a Tabun stove chimney.


A trail for disabled persons and for children’s strollers is located in the last part of the walking route in the nature reserve, from the Tanur Waterfall down to the southern camping site.

Originally posted at Israel and You.


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