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Sunset Watching in Israel

by Touchpoint Israel

There are very few things more beautiful than seeing the sunset over the sea and Israel’s Mediterranean coastline provides some perfect opportunities to do so. With its bright red horizons over its beaches, colored skies are not limited to ocean views alone. You can witness incredible views in different places across the country, but you will have to see them for yourself to believe them!

Tel Aviv & Jaffa

One of the best ways to see the sunset is to walk or cycle along the Tel Aviv beach promenade up to Jaffa with plenty of palm trees, beach bars, and restaurants along the way, such as Calypso or Manta Ray.

Sunset in Tel Aviv
Sunset in Tel Aviv | © Joseph Barrientos / Unsplash

Sea of Galilee

This natural freshwater lake in the north of Israel is a popular location for tourists and Israelis looking to soak up the sun. It’s also a perfect spot to relax with a glass of wine from one of the nearby wineries and look out at the beautifully colored skies over the lake, as the sun sets.

The Dead Sea

Sunset is a perfect time to look out at the Dead Sea, which is actually not only a salty lake but also the lowest elevation point on earth. See how the sun shimmers over the mineral-rich waters located 1400-feet below sea level.

Desert sunset
Desert sunset | © Dan Calderwood / Unsplash

Herzliya & Arsuf

Herzliya, located just north of Tel Aviv, boasts a beautiful beach, a marina and an ancient fortress more than 2,500 years old, all close to each other. You can even take a guided sunset walking tour of all of these sites.


The ancient fortification is actually more famous for its beautiful sunrises. Tourists in Israel often wake up at dawn to hike up the mountain for its spectacular desert landscape views but the sunset at Masada also offers a wonderful scene for hikers and nature lovers as the heat descends together with the sun.

Israel sunset
Israel sunset | © Lorenzo Maimone / Unsplash

The Old City Jerusalem

Twilight is the perfect time of day to take a romantic stroll along the Ramparts Walk with spectacular views from the ancient walls or to have a drink and snack at the Mamilla Rooftop Lounge & Restaurant and see the panorama of the old city at dusk.

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