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Is It Really Safe To Visit Israel?

by Touchpoint Israel
Is It Really Safe To Visit Israel

A common first thought people have about visiting Israel is whether or not it is safe to go.  The answer is Yes … clearly and emphatically. It is very safe. This question is only asked by people who have not been to Israel. The fact that millions of people visit Israel every year and return safe and happy shows how exaggerated news reports are about Israel.

In fact, Israel has one of the lowest crime rates in the world. Plus, the chances of being involved in violence is actually far higher in visiting most major cities in the world than in touring all of Israel.

Finally, visitors who come to Israel sense just how safe residents feel in their homeland when they see for themselves children walking alone or in small groups to and from school each day.

These facts and the travel records of multitudes of visitors speak for themselves. Ask someone who has been to Israel – then, come see for yourself!


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