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Israel Unites with America to Celebrate Freedom

by Touchpoint Israel

Israel celebrates the American Independence Day every 4th of July as a symbol of the deep bond between the two countries.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu spent many years in the United States as a young man, and expresses as much admiration for the United States as any patriotic American.

At this year’s July 4th festivities, Netanyahu explained why this holiday is important to Israelis:

“This is a great day because on the Fourth of July, all Israelis unite with our American brothers and sisters. It’s our celebration, too. That’s because the history of our two countries is remarkably intertwined.

Zionism has always been about freedom, about national freedom, the Jewish people returning to our ancestral homeland to rebuild our one and only sovereign state. But it’s also been about personal freedom. We built the State of Israel on the same democratic foundations upon which the United States was built.

Today the bells of freedom ring across America. They ring loud in Israel too. May we always cherish our freedom. May we always cherish our friendship.”


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