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The Best BBQ in Tel Aviv

by Touchpoint Israel

Crisp fried Buffalo wings dipped in tangy horseradish sauce. Tender smoked goose breast. Savory pulled pork and mouthwatering spare ribs. These are just some of the main dishes served at Truck De Luxe, the new American-style barbeque eatery on Ben-Ami Street. Only a month old, Truck De Luxe is already earning a reputation as the best BBQ restaurant in Tel Aviv.

The impressive menu selection includes American favorites such as creamy homestyle mac ‘n cheese and baked beans in addition to more traditional Israeli sides like mint, yogurt, and fennel salad. Dessert choices include a sinfully sweet concoction appropriately called “crack pie” and delicious ice cream sundaes drizzled with homemade salted caramel.

Apart from the food, the friendly service and unique atmosphere make Truck De Luxe popular with locals and tourists. Inside the restaurant a white food truck has been built into the kitchen, surrounded by brightly tiled walls and a simple dining room reminiscent of a 1950’s diner. Altogether, the venue is charming and the food is heavenly. It is also very affordable, with prices ranging from NIS 10-50 (about $2.50-13.00 US).

With a tantalizing menu that includes pork and dairy, the restaurant is obviously not kosher.


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