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Explore Israel’s Scenic Highways

by Touchpoint Israel

Gorgeous summer weather has arrived in Israel, and along with it a new way to tour the country – personal campers!

A longtime favorite mode of tourism in the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand, campers or “caravans” hook up to an automobile and provide tourists with private, portable lodging anywhere in the country. Until recently, it was impossible to find this option in Israel due to legal restrictions, but now campers are a popular choice for exploring the scenic highways and natural beauty of Israel.

Dozens of beautiful private and public campgrounds can be found throughout Israel. Different styles of campers, from economy to luxury, can accommodate between 2-7 people and are available to rent from places like LaOfek Caravan and Camping Center in Petah Tikvah. Renting a camper can be less expensive than staying in hotels, and prices start at 450 NIS (approximately US $150) per night for 10 nights or more. Substantial discounts are given for extended stays. This is an ideal way for families or friends to split costs and stretch the budget.

However, prices aside, the real advantage of camper tourism is the freedom to explore Israel at your leisure and enjoy all of the Holy Land’s natural beauty without the inconvenience of traditional camping. You’ll meet a wide variety of fellow travelers, both local and international, as you discover hidden beaches and pristine trails far off the beaten path. And you’ll do it all with a shower and kitchen in tow!

Ready to hit the road? Be sure to reserve your camper in advance, and prepare to have a one-of-a-kind adventure in Israel!

For more information on camper tourism in Israel, click here.


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