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International Hummus Day

by Touchpoint Israel

No food is more quintessentially Israeli than hummus (pronounced khoo-moose), the creamy chickpea spread served with nearly every meal. Endless varieties exist, but the basic ingredients are ground chickpeas, olive oil, and tahini. Usually eaten on warm pita bread, fresh hummus is an extremely healthy and satisfying appetizer or snack. The popularity of hummus has recently spread beyond Israel and the Middle East, and is now a popular dish in Europe and the United Sates as well. It is so well-loved, in fact, that International Hummus Day was created to celebrate the genius of the simple chickpea.

For the past four years, May 13th has been the day chosen to honor this brilliant treat. The new holiday even has its own website. In Israel, restaurants dedicated to creative and gourmet blends of hummus are called hummusiot. You’ll find at least one in every town. Local chefs take pride in creating signature flavors and each claims to serve the best hummus in Israel.

If you live in a large city outside of Israel, you might be fortunate enough to have an Israeli-style restaurant that serves fresh, delicious hummus. Try it. You won’t be disappointed!

Where did you find the best hummus you’ve ever tasted?


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