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Ancient Treasure Found in Israel

by Touchpoint Israel

For the second time in the last month, a stash of treasure has been found by amateur explorers in Israel. Three members of the Israeli Caving Club were climbing through a stalactite cave in the north of the country when one young man discovered two silver coins in the dirt. Further investigation of the area revealed a cloth pouch containing several pieces of ancient jewelry.

The explorers notified the Israel Antiquities Authority of the find, and archaeologists have determined that the coins and jewelry date back to the period of Alexander the Great. They are now taking a look at the rest of the cave, where pottery and artifacts dating back as far as 6,000 years have been uncovered.

One of the truly exciting things about Israel is that discoveries like these still happen on a regular basis, and anyone can be part of uncovering history!

For further details of the find and to watch a video of the discovery, click here.


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