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Discover the Best Christmas Markets in Israel

by Touchpoint Israel

Israel’s Christian population might only be 2%, but Christmas is still very popular. If you know where to look, you’ll find a festive assortment of holiday markets across the country – complete with food stalls, homemade crafts, live music, Christmas trees, and Santa.

You don’t want to miss these Christmas markets in Israel:

1. Nazareth

The city that Jesus grew up in is famous for its Christmas festivities, including an extremely popular market. This is the place to visit between December 17-21, 2014. Watch the video above for a taste of what you’ll enjoy in Nazareth.

2. Haifa

Haifa is packed with holiday markets showcasing special Christmas crafts, food, and entertainment. The Holiday of Holidays Festival takes place every Thursday-Sunday in December. In the Wadi Nisnas neighborhood, you’ll find an assortment of Middle Eastern holiday sweet treats. And if you head over to Ben Gurion Street, you’ll discover a giant Christmas tree and shops decorated with seasonal cheer.

3. Jerusalem

The Christian Quarter in the Old City of Jerusalem comes alive at Christmas. The street vendors decorate for the holiday, and special tours of the city are offered to Jerusalem’s many beautiful churches.

4. Tel Aviv-Jaffa

Jaffa hosts a special Christmas Bazaar each December, and in the suburb of Rameh a special Christmas Market draws visitors from across Israel. Yefet Street in Jaffa sells beautiful Christmas ornaments, and a large outdoor tree lights up the street. Christmas decorations can be found in multiple stores across Tel Aviv.

If you have plans to be in Israel during the Christmas holiday season, be sure to visit at least one of these festive markets!


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