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Israeli Scientist Regenerates Coral Reefs

by Touchpoint Israel

The destruction of coral reefs has long been a concern for marine scientists, who know that the ecosystem of the world’s oceans depends on these underwater “rainforests” for survival. Until now, conservationists have only been able to establish protected zones for coral reefs and hope for the best. But an Israeli scientist decided that a more active approach was needed, and has developed a workable plan to “reforest” the ocean floor with coral.

Dr. Baruch Rinkevich invented coral “carpets”, which are one meter plastic square panels that are carefully seeded with living coral and nurtured for two years before being transplanted to their new home. These carpets can transform a barren seabed into a vibrant and healthy coral reef. Once established, the new reefs grow and become home to thousands of species of marine life.

At least eight countries are already using this ingenious method to regenerate the coral reefs in their coastal waters. As more countries recognize the need to support the reforestation of the oceans, Dr. Rinkevich’s method will provide the world with healthy marine environments for generations to come. Read the full story here.


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