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Find Direct Flights to Israel

by Touchpoint Israel

Many people find the prospect of changing flights in a foreign airport daunting and possibly even a reason not to fly overseas. If you would rather not deal with the hassle of language barriers, lost luggage, and long layovers, then you can easily catch a direct flight to Israel. The price will likely be higher, but it will save you time and peace of mind.

In the United States, four airlines offer daily direct flights to and from Israel: Continental, Delta, El Al, and US Airways. You also have the choice of four cities to fly out of: Los Angeles, Miami, Atlanta, and New York. In New York, both JFK and Newark-Liberty airports offer direct flights. It takes approximately 10 hours to fly from New York to Tel Aviv.

For Canadians wishing to visit Israel, Toronto is the only city that offers direct international flights to Tel Aviv. Air Canada and El Al are the only two airlines that currently offer nonstop service to Israel. Flight time is approximately 11 hours.

For more information, visit the Israel Airport Authority website here.


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